1. Top 1Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish of rice mixed with vinegar (shari) and ingredients (neta). The common neta in Sushi is seafood, usually fish such as tuna, salmon, and thinly sliced ​​(sashimi). Sushi looks simple, but the way it is made is quite sophisticated, creating a characteristic of Japanese cuisine. The type of rice used to make Sushi must also be a particular type of rice (sumeshi) and vinegar is not ordinary vinegar, but vinegar mixed with sugar and sweet wine (sushisu). Sushi also has many varieties:
    • Nigirizushi: Sushi balls, the most common, often served with mustard (wasabi)Makizushi: Sushi rolls, usually using seaweed to roll, similar to Korean KimbapOshiushi: Sushi wrapped like a cakeNaresushi: Fermented brewed sushiInarizushi: Fried sushi, usually wrapped in bean pasteTemaki: Sushi rolled into a coneKaitensushi is a type of sushi placed on a circular conveyor belt for diners to choose.
    Sushi is usually dipped with mustard (wasabi) or Japanese soy sauce and then enjoyed.
    Each locality of Japan has its own characteristics in the processing of Sushi. Perhaps because of the variety, sophistication, and sophistication of Japanese cuisine, Sushi is the top name in the Top 10 most famous and delicious Asian dishes.Japanese Sushi
  2. Top 2Tom Yum is a unique dish from an emerging “food paradise”, which is Thailand. Different from the sophistication and sophistication of Japanese and Korean cuisine, Thai cuisine is known as a “food paradise” because of its diversity and suitability for all tourists coming to this place. Among many famous dishes such as Tom Yum (sour soup), Kang Phed (red curry), Pad Thai, and Massaman Curry… emerges Tom Yum is the best dish.
    Tom Yum usually has the two most common types that are read by the name of the main meat that makes up the dish, which is tom yum goong or tom yum kung (Vietnamese reads as “tom yam cong”) and tom yum kai (“tom yum plow”) “), where “goong” or “kung” is shrimp and “kai” is chicken.
    Tom Yum is a spicy and sour soup, usually with shrimp, chicken, minced meat, needle mushrooms, and especially spices with lemon leaves, galangal, lemongrass, dried onions, fresh chili, lime juice, herbs, etc. Coconut milk, fish sauce, seasoning seeds… In general, the process and ingredients are simple and easy to make, but Tom Yum’s spices are sophisticated, creating the typical sour and spicy taste of Thai dishes.
    Not only popular in Thailand, but Tom Yum is also a famous dish in neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and western Vietnam. Perhaps because of that, Tom Yum was ranked 8th by CNN magazine in the top 50 best dishes in the world, if counted in Asia, only after Japan’s Sushi.
    Tom Yum ThailandTom Yum Thailand
  3. Top 3Kari (English read as Curry, Vietnamese as Curry) is a traditional and unique dish of India. Reaching far beyond India, Kari has become famous all over the world, becoming a special dish in restaurants in the US and Western countries.
    Kari is a sweet and spicy stew, with many complex spices creating an irreplaceable characteristic flavor Kari powder is an indispensable main ingredient in this recipe. In fact, according to the traditional way of processing, it is the people of India who combine the ingredients available in nature to cook Kari, but due to the complexity, people have invented Kari powder processed according to the method. industry for British colonialists to bring home. Since then, Kari is popular all over Western countries.
    Usually, the type of meat in Kari will be chicken, poultry, and fish and Indian Kari will not use beef due to religious issues. Today, Kari has influenced the cuisine of many other countries, especially the cuisine of West Asia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Many dishes in Southeast Asia such as Massaman Curry (Thailand), Kang Phed (Thailand), Kambing (Indonesia), Rendang (Malaysia) are all derived from Indian Kari.
    Indian KariIndian KariKariKari
  4. Top 4Peking Duck 2Indispensable in the Top 10 delicious and most famous Asian dishes is Peking Duck (English: Beijing perking duck). Peking duck has existed for more than 700 years and often appears on the banquet tables of Chinese kings. Today’s favorite Peking Duck first appeared in Nanjing, the old capital of China, located in Jiangsu province, during the Ming Dynasty when the imperial court moved to Beijing, and the dish followed. This is considered the most delicious and attractive dish in Chinese cuisine – a cuisine with a rich history and tradition.
    The characteristic of Peking Duck is that the thin skin is roasted evenly golden, crispy, and rich in marinated flavor. Big, fat Peking duck after being roasted in a large fire oven is sliced ​​​​for meat and skin by the restaurant to serve customers, the rest of the bones are stewed to make soup. This dish is served with soft rice paper, and duck meat is rolled in rice paper with onions, chopped cucumber, and dipping sauce. It can be said that the recipe for marinating Peking Duck is considered by the Chinese as an esoteric recipe that is not widely available.
    Therefore, Westerners who want to eat Peking Duck must either fly to distant China or go to Chinese restaurants in Chinatowns to enjoy this special roast duck.Peking Duck Peking Duck Peking duck cooking technique
  5. Top 5Kimchi 2Different from the elaborate and complicated dishes above, Kimchi (Korean: Hangeul) is a popular and popular dish of the “kimchi land” of Korea. Kimchi is simply a pickle dish, consisting of many types of Kimchi made from different vegetables, most typically cabbage. Ingredients for making kimchi include cabbage, radish, garlic, chili, onions, squid, shrimp, oysters or other seafood, ginger, salt, and sugar.
    There are other types of kimchi with other ingredients, including kkakdugi kimchi made with radish and no cabbage, and oisobaegi kimchi made with cucumber. Kimchi kkaennip is made with kkaennip (Japanese green perilla) leaves salted in soy sauce, chili, garlic, onions, and other seasonings.
    Kimchi became the most popular dish in South Korea and North Korea. In particular, through promotion through movies and Kpop, Kimchi has become famous, is associated with Korea, and is considered the most typical dish of Korean cuisine.
    America’s Heath Magazine also rated Kimchi as one of the “five healthiest foods”. Therefore, Kimchi also represents Korean cuisine to be included in the Top 10 best Asian dishes in the world .Korean Kimchi Korean Kimchi Traditional kimchi recipe
  6. Top 6Bibimbap Mixed rice is another dish from Korean cuisine. Bibimbap was first mentioned in Siuijeonseo, an anonymous cookbook from the 19th century. In Korean families, bibimbap is a dish usually made with rice, vegetables, and meat.

    The main ingredients of Bibimbap are rice and stir-fried vegetables (namul), chili sauce (koch’uchang). Additional ingredients can be eggs, beef… All mixed well. The types of namul used in Bibimbap mixed rice are also very diverse, can be cucumber, radish, needle mushroom, seaweed, spinach, …
    A variation of Bibimbap mixed rice that we often see, is dolsot Bibimbap. This is a popular dish, usually cooked in a stone pot. Under Joseon, Bibimbap was the royal dish. Up to now, although it is no longer as difficult to make as in the past, this is still a relatively sophisticated and polite dish of Korean cuisine.
    Therefore, Bibimbap mixed rice is often served by Korea at international airports, for international guests visiting “the land of kimchi”.
    Korean Bibimbap Mixed RiceKorean Bibimbap Mixed Rice How to make Bibimbap
  7. Top 7Noodle soup 2A traditional dish, a specialty from Vietnam, is Pho. This is also where this dish became famous. Pho is often said to have been born and shaped in the early 20th century. Pho ingredients are very special, including the main dish is pho noodles, which are processed in the form of noodles, but instead are pho at home. from rice flour. Therefore, the noodles are white in color and taste completely different.
    In pho, the process of making broth is also known as broth. The broth is considered the soul of pho. This is the most important step. The broth of traditional pho is made from beef bones along with some spices. In terms of spices, in the broth of old Pho Bac, there must be anise, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and unground pepper.
    The most famous pho in Vietnam is beef noodle soup, there are two most famous types of beef noodle soup, Hanoi beef noodle soup, and Nam Dinh beef noodle soup. Each type of beef noodle soup has its own characteristics. Hanoi beef noodle soup has a more sophisticated broth, with broth from bone broth and more vegetables and spices, while Nam Dinh beef noodle soup focuses on beef processing. Nowadays, pho has different processing methods and flavors. In Vietnam, there are names to distinguish them: Pho Bac (in the North), Pho Hue (in the Central region), and Pho Saigon. (in the South). Normally, Pho in the North is characterized by a salty taste while in the South is sweet and rich in vegetables.
    Besides beef pho, there are also varieties like chicken pho, which is also a delicious and popular phoToday, pho has become a representative dish of Vietnamese cuisine, famous to many other countries around the world.
    Hanoi phoHanoi pho The taste of Hanoi’s old pho
  8. Top 8Ohmi-gyu Steak 2If talking about beef, it is impossible to ignore Ohmi-gyu Steak – a Japanese dish. This is a typical Japanese grilled beef steak, elaborately prepared and often sliced ​​large.
    However, what makes Ohmi-gyu Steak delicious and famous is that this beef dish is made from Kobe beef – a famous breed of beef with delicious Japanese meat, but the price of Kobe beef is also among the most expensive in the world. gender.
    Ohmi-gyu Steak
     is suitable for Western eating and is also often compared to famous European beef steaks. It can be said that Ohmi-gyu Steak is a European dish of Asian cuisine.Ohmi-gyu Japanese Steak Ohmi-gyu Japanese Steak Grilled Kobe Beef
  9. Top 9Mì Wanton Mee 2Wanton Mee is a typical dish of Singapore – one of the countries that is also very famous for its cuisine in Southeast Asia. Influenced by Hong Kong cuisine, for a long time, Wanton Mee noodles have become an indispensable part and one of the typical dishes for Singaporean cuisine, besides dishes such as Dim Sum, BBQ Pork Bun, Kaya toast, pepper crab…
    Different from other noodle dishes, Wanton Mee is a dry noodle dish, sprinkled with a special sweet sauce, usually served with char siu meat, dumplings stuffed with pork, deep-fried meat, and some vegetable dishes. Usually, Wanton Mee noodles will be mixed with chili, creating a rich spicy taste, but there are also Wanton Mee noodles for people who can’t eat spicy, then the noodles will be mixed with tomatoes.
    Mì Wanton Mee SingaporeMì Wanton Mee Singapore Wanton Mee noodle stages
  10. Top 10Soup Miso 2And the last name in the Top 10 best Asian dishes in the world is another dish of Japanese cuisine. That is Miso Soup. It can be said that Miso soup is also a traditional dish in Japan, as famous as sushi.
    Miso Soup is made from a variety of ingredients, including broth (dashi) and miso paste. Dashi is usually made from dried sardines, seaweed, tuna, and mushrooms. Meanwhile, miso also has many types: aka miso, Shiro miso, and aware.
    Other ingredients in Miso soup are also quite diverse, depending on the region and weather, but are divided into two parts. The top part usually consists of tofu, onions, and seaweed, and the bottom part is mushrooms, potatoes, radishes, shrimp, fish… The combination of ingredients in Miso soup is typical for the delicacy of the dish. Japanese cuisine by this combination has the principles of different colors, smells, and tastes accordingly.
    Because there are two parts, the floating part, and the sinking part, the correct way to eat Miso soup is to scoop from the bottom to the top.Miso Soup - JapanMiso Soup – Japan How to cook Japanese standard Miso soup

Above is the Top 10 most delicious and famous Asian dishes. If you are a food lover and want to learn about the unique dishes of many countries, then with the top 10 Asian dishes that the top list offers, you can try to make your friends and relatives enjoy. ! Which of the above have you enjoyed? Which dish is your favorite? Please comment and share with other readers.